Aya Mostafa

I am a full-stack web developer freelancer with variety of knowledge and work experience.I'm a graduate of faculty of computer and information science, Ain Shams University and and 9-Month Diploma ITI.My goal is to always satisfy client's needs and expectations.

Dream whatever, Always true 

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  1. I'm sure you are one of people who can change other's life to better
    Moheb Gamal Former Teacher at ITI
    Managing Director
  2. It was short but with great impact,Wish you a happy life and future
    Mahmoud Saleh CTO at eureka digital
    Managing Director
  3. Aya is always accepting new challenges, she doesn't give up easily,I spent with her full 9 months working on several projects, she is always having the spirit of getting the job done, you can really rely on her and receive your job on time
    Yehia Farag Manager at Eye ADV
    Managing Director
I worked with lots of precious people who enjoyed working with me.I'm really proud to be part of people's happiness and smile :)